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AP Spanish

AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

This curriculum meets all the Learning Objectives set forth by the College Board and is based upon the three modes of communication: “Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational” and the six themes: “La belleza y la estética, La vida contemporánea, Las familias y las comunidades, Los desafíos mundiales, Las identidades personales y públicas y La ciencia y la tecnología”.  All lesson plans are based on the EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) model. 

This curriculum includes 858 Power Point slides and over 1,000 handouts, lesson plans, activities, games, tests and much more! 


  • Wow…where can I start?  I just found out about my new position (teaching three new preps).  I’ve never taught Spanish Three, AP Spanish, AP Literature.  We didn’t have enough time to send me to an AP training, so after searching the “Google” for activities, I came across this Awesome curriculum.  I read all the reviews, and they were absolutely correct!  For any AP Spanish teacher, this is such a HUGE  help.  I’m still new but feel as if I have a mentor with me each step of the way.  Angie is quick to respond and will help in any way.  I can’t say enough about her.  Thank you for helping me.  I was overwhelmed and scared,, but now I’m feeling confident and excited about this new opportunity!  You are truly a blessing!  I highly recommend! 

  • Forgot to provide feedback!  All my students passed the AP exam so…THANK YOU!  

  • You are saving this new teacher countless hours of work!!! The preview showed great resources and examples for AP students.  Can’t wait to begin using! Worth every single penny.  Gracias for all your time and energy spent on creating awesome curricululm!

  • Such a lifesaver!  Love the lessons!  Creative and excellent resources.  Thanks so much.  You made my year much easier.  

  • Excellent resource and well worth the price!  Very well organized and explained.  There are great activities and suggestions for each of the AP Themes and the curriculum has a nice pacing guide.  Thank you Angie!  You are making my life much easier!  

  • Incredible resources and Angie is very willing to help out her customers.  When I first purchased this curriculum, I needed it as soon as possible, and she was willing to share everything with me via Dropbox as well as sending me the flash drive in the mail.  This product will save me countless hours this school year!

  • Angie, this looks amazing!  You have done a remarkable job!  This is my first year teaching AP Spanish and I feel a little more confident about it. 

  • Wonderful!!!!

  • Invaluable!

  • Obviously an entire year has not gone by, but from what I have seen, this product will be an amazing time-saver for me.  Thank you so much!

  • Thank you very much for putting together a wonderful set of lesson plans.  The AP plans for a year have been a godsend to this new teacher and to my students. 

  • This has been a life saver!  A lot of great activities and great communication if you have any questions. 

  • Great lessons!  I didn’t get to use them all yet but I am looking forward to do so next year.  Vocabulary sheets are very helpful as well as the power points.  Suggested lesson plans are also on point.  Thank you very much!
  • A wealth of resources.  Very nice to have shipped WAY faster than expected. 

  • Thank you for helping me by creating an outstanding product.

  • Excellent resource!  I purchased this half way through last year so I am excited to start the year with Angie’s plans!!  THANKS Angie!!! 

  • I can’t thank you enough for such wonderful resources which I know will be incredibly invaluable for my students.  Keep up the great job!!!! ¡Gracias! 


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado for AP Spanish

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, “Triángulo Aprobado”. They include a list of vocabulary words, synonyms, words used in context, Quizlet URL, and an activity which helps students practice the words.


  • Oh my God.  This is awesome.  Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing this!  Wonderful job.  Makes my life a whole lot easier.  

  • These vocabulario sets are amazing. They provide enough practice exercises before the real “prueba” for students to succeed on  Thank you so much for creating these so efficiently and for simplifying our lives!! 
  • Thorough and helpful companion to  Triángulo Aprobado

  • You know the Triángulo Aprobado is a really great text to get kids ready, but even with the online access I felt like I was not spending enough time on vocabulary.  Well, here it is!  This is the bomb!  Why reinvent the wheel when Sra. Torre has made it and thrown away the mold!!!

  • Fabulous addition to what Triángulo is offering.  The more activities differ for the students, the better.  Thank you for your hard work.  

  • I used these with my AP Spanish and they were great. Very helpful.  Student accuracy on vocab increased significantly.  Thanks.


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "Los Desafíos Mundiales" for AP Spanish


  • I think that the material is great! I'm very happy with the work and will most likely buy the rest of the chapters available! Thanks!

  • Looking for supplemental material. Found them! Thank you so much! Will be back.

  • Muy bueno. It helps a lot.

  • It was nice to have some resources to go with this book. Triángulo Aprobado did not come with any appropriate vocabulary lists. This was a live saver! Thank you for your hard work! 

  • Muchas gracias...just started using this text and am very appreciative of all your hard work...great reference materials for my students...

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, “Triángulo Aprobado”,  chapter one, “Los Desafíos Mundiales” for AP Spanish.  They include the following:

 ~Cover page, “Triángulo Aprobado, Los Desafíos Mundiales”

 ~Vocabulary lists with synonyms, definition and use in context

 ~URL for site (Quizlet) where students can hear the word, practice with flash cards and play games for more repetition

 ~Quiz for each of the six subchapters of “Los Desafíos Mundiales” in which students fill in the missing word, pair synonyms and write sentences using the vocabulary

 ~answers to quizzes

 ~Activity for in-class or homework in which students interact with the vocabulary


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "La ciencia y la tecnología" for AP Spanish


  • Extremely useful

  • This saved me so much work! The AP test has us all a little crazy. Thanks for your help! 

  • This is fantastic!

  • Time saving!  Thanks! 

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, "Triángulo Aprobado", for chapter two, "La ciencia y la tecnología".


How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish PowerPoint and Activities

The new AP test requires that the students write a persuasive essay.  The organization of the persuasive essay is different from the expository essay.  This PowerPoint and activities provide the teacher with all the necessary tools to teach students how to organize and polish their essay.


  • Thank you so much. Everything is AWESOME!!! This has saved me so much time. You are a lifesaver. 

  • I will be using your ppt to teach students for the first time how to approach the persuasive essay . It is very thorough and very, very detailed with tons of examples. Thank you!!

  • It is a great power point. Thank you!

  • Very detailed. Well done.

  • Testimonail:  I like this teacher because she thinks in a style similar to mine. Her ideas are much prettier! This has everything all together in one place. Your students will be writing great essays soon! 

  • Just the information students needed to write the essay for the new test. Students are focused on expository writing, and this new task is challenging. thank you for creating and sharing this resource.

  •  You have saved me hours of work.  Thank you very much for your exellent work.  Any possibility of you making a PPT for the Formal Email Reply? 

  • Excellent work.  It will help me a great deal.  Thank you!!!

  • It was a great presentation.  I used it with my AP Spanish class, and it was exactly what I needed.

  • A must have!  Thank you!  

  • I bought this for our AP Spanish instructor and she loved it!  She thought it was complete, had all the necessry information and was easy to use. 


For more AP Spanish resources, PowerPoints, TPR stories and much more, click here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Angie-Torre

Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "La vida contemporánea" for AP Spanish

Testimonial: This is fabulous help with a new text.

Testimonial: Wonderful to have these resources!! Vale el precio!! 

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, "Triángulo Aprobado" for chapter three, “La vida contemporánea” for AP Spanish.


  • Very helpful!


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "Las identidades personales y públicas


  • It is great material. Extremely helpful. I have bought other products on for "Triangulo Aprobado" by Angie Torre and they are just great help. 

  • A life-saver!  Great help!

  • The vocabulary and sentences are most helpful to the students…gracias

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, "Triángulo Aprobado" for chapter four, “Las identidades personales y públicas


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "Las familias y las comunidades"

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, "Triángulo Aprobado" for chapter five, “Las familias y las comunidades".  They include the following: list of vocabulary found in each chapter, synonyms, words used in context, homework activity, URL for Quizlet


  • Great job. Very helpful. I can't wait for next chapter. 

  • So helpful for an AP Newbie!


Vocabulary for Triángulo Aprobado, "La belleza y la estética".

These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, "Triángulo Aprobado" for chapter six, “La belleza y la estética".  They include the following: list of vocabulary found in each chapter, synonyms, words used in context, homework activity, URL for Quizlet

A user said: Awsome!

Other testimonials: 

  • Me salvaste este año.

  • This is a great resource and very useful. 

  • I love all of your AP themed resources!! Thank you!  


La presentación oral / The oral presentation for AP Spanish

This 28-slide “Presentación Oral / Oral Presentation for AP Spanish PowerPoint” and Printables includes a PowerPoint modeling and explaining how to do a cultural oral presentation, a lesson plan on  how to teach it, a check list of essential components for the students, a cover sheet, graphic organizers, and vocabulary for making comparisons - everything a teacher needs from A to Z for teaching the cultural oral presentation for AP Spanish.


  • Excellent PowerPoint to present to students with all the details needed to succeed in this section of the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.  All of your PPTs are excellent and I have bought quite a few of them and they have helped me tremendously.  Keep them coming!  Thank you!!!

  • The power point is priceless!! Well worth every penny!!

  • Everything you need to know in one place.

  • Excellent resource that will save me so much time.  Thanks so much!  

  • Very useful and easy to understand.  Perfecto for a first year AP teacher. 

  • A fantastic aid!

  • I have a few students who have asked to take the AP test this year and they are preparing for it outside of class.  These resources will be very valuable for them and me!  I don’t have AP as aprep, so I have to prepare materials for them on my own time.

  • Thanks to you, I think I can do it!


El Correo Electrónico PowerPoint and Handouts for AP Spanish

This “Correo Electrónico" PowerPoint and Handouts for AP Spanish includes the following:  a 23-slide PowerPoint, instructions and suggestions for students, vocabulary for asking for information, sample saludos y despedidas, a check list for the students, a sample email response with required elements labeled and numbered, and a cover sheet.


  • Excellent work!  I was hoping you would make a PPT for this.  Thank you.

  • Well done!  I have been searning for more material to help my students to succeed on the Exam and I think I have found it!!  Wow!!

  • This is sooo helpful! 

  • Excellent resource to share with students. A step by step guide to plan, and write an e-mail reply. Plenty of sample questions to request more information, vocabulary lists, a checklist, a sample email...thank you!!!!!
  •  Thanks for the tool!  I especially like the lists of phrases to memorize.

  •  Excellent resource that will save me so much time.  Thanks so much!  

  • Used this last year as a first year AP teacher.  Very helpful to give me a frame of reference for how to teach letter writing for the exam. 


Bajo la misma luna questions and activity for AP Spanish

This “Bajo la misma luna questions and activity for AP  Spanish” includes 18 comprehension questions and an activity in which students put the events in order.


  • Wonderful!! Gracias.

  • Perfect!  Perfect!  Perfect!  Love this! 

  • Thanks!  Will save me time making an activity to go along with the movie!!
  • Great questions for the movie!

  • Great for sub plans!  Also great practice for essay writing. ¡Gracias!


Los pronombres relativos for AP Spanish

In order for students to write proficiently, they need to master the relative pronouns.  That’s why I created this 78-slide Power Point on Spanish Relative Pronouns.


  •  Amazing powerpoint.  Very, very thorough with tons of examples.  I have purchased so many of your products and love them all.  Muchísimas gracias, Angie!!!

  • Fantastic resource!   

  • Really well done 

  • Very thorough, gracias!  

  • Awesome resource!


AP Spanish PowerPoints for an Entire Year

All the PowerPoints you will need to prepare your students for the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.


  • Let me start off by saying that your AP power points are amazing and they have really helped me and my students!  They are precise to the point of what they need to know, with great examples :)  

  • I think your power points are so great that I wanted to ask to see if there is any way you could create a power point and handouts for the first section of the AP exam which is “LA OPCIÓN MULTIPLE”

  • Excellent, ready-to-go PowerPoints!

  • Outstanding guidance for me and my students as I learn the best way to teach this course!  Love the details and the photos!  Kids respond very well!!! 

  • Very helpful.  Such a good resource to have.  

  • I have spent several hours reading through some of the presentations and they are an excellent resource for teaching students how to prepare for the different components of the AP exam.  This is a lot of material for the price.  Well worth it.


Recordatorios: Reminders for the AP Spanish Test PowerPoint


  • This helped my students a lot. Thank you!

A refresher of all the requirements for the AP Spanish Test to be presented right before students take the AP Spanish Test.


La lectura y el audio para el curso de espaõl AP PowerPoint

In order for students to succeed on the multiple-choice section of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test, they must be trained to extract pertinent information and possess the academic vocabulary necessary to understand the questions.  This 46-slide PowerPoint gives them the tools.


  • A must for the AP classroom. Went back for the complete lesson plans for the whole course. 

  • Like always, your work is outstanding! 

  • This resource also helps students in an immersion Spanish program for middle school who are going to take a proficiency exam for HS (listening is where my students struggle the most)  Thank you for addressing the how!


La conversación simulada PowerPoint for AP Spanish


  • Great resource!

  • Excellent product!

  • This is great.  It will be very useful, thank you!  

  • The conversation has proven to be the hardest part for my AP students, but this year I used this PowerPoint before completing the first one and the results were a great improvement over last year. Very useful!


Por y Para PowerPoint

An explanation of all the uses of “por” and “para” with illustrative photos for each use.


  • Great tool to clearly explain “por” and “para”

  • Very helpful.  Thank you!

  • Just used this on Friday and the kids really liked it.  Your products are always so thorough. 


College-Board Approved AP Spanish Language and Culture Syllabus


  • Always great resources.

  • Great producct.  Can’t wait to try your other products.

  • It is very clear.  It looks good.  I expect to use it next year. 


La pascua: Easter Traditions in Spanish-Speaking Countries Listenign Activity


  • Muy buen recurso.

  • Nice cultural activity

  • Valuable cultural activity


La vida contemporánea Lesson Plans and Curriculum for AP Spanish

La vida contemporánea Lesson Plans


  • You are amazing! I would love for you to come teach my classes!