Merry Christmas - I’m back in the World Language Classroom! | Best PowerPoints for Spanish | Angie Torre

Merry Christmas - I’m back in the World Language Classroom!

I had teaching nightmares two nights in a row, last night, and the previous night.  You know

 the kind: I wasn’t prepared.  I hadn’t taught the classroom rules and procedures soon enough

 and the students were unruly.  I couldn’t teach my lesson.  Agh!  Sound familiar?

So….today I told my husband, “They’re going to ask me to come back.”  He said, “No, they’re

 not.”  I said, “Yes, they’re going to ask me to teach again."  

This will make more sense after you watch our Christmas card video. 

The dreams affected me so I told God, “I don’t want to go back.  But I will.  ONLY if they call 

and ask me.”  Because, of course, they weren’t going to do that.  I was SAFE!

After working on my Pinterest boards and a product I will be posting soon, Preterite Lesson 

Plans, the phone rang.  It was the Vice Principal of my department asking me to come back to 

teach AP Spanish.  I told her I had to pray about it and talk to my husband. But I knew I had already

 committed myself.  

I called her back and told her I’d teach Spanish One.  She said, “How about AP AND Spanish 

One.  I said, “Spanish One”.  So, for those teachers who have been waiting for me to post the 

Spanish One Lesson Plans, you will not have to wait much longer. You can expect those in July 

or August. 

And THEN, I really am going to devote myself 100% to Teachers Pay Teachers and creating 

quality resources that will make your life easier. No more nightmares.  (I really do love teaching, 

but only when I’m prepared. I wasn’t prepared to teach in January.)