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French Subjunctive TPR Story

French Subjunctive TPR Story


  • Very well done. Good examples for the subjunctive

  • What a fun idea! I appreciate all of the hard work that went into making the audio and having the students pose for pictures for the story. This also sparks a great idea for the students to do as a project upon completing the subjunctive!

  • Cute story to support learning of the subjunctive.

  • Merci. This was a great addition to learning the subjunctive.

  • Great story! Great resource!

Conjugations in French

French Conjugations PowerPoint


  •  Very helpful!

How to Form Questions in French

How to Form Questions in French PowerPoint


  • Très utile!  

French Double Object Pronoun TPR Story

French Double-Object Pronoun TPR Story PowerPoint



  • Just what I needed for my class. Thank you!

  • Thank you for taking the dullest topic EVER and making it adorable. They get it now!

  • This is going to be a huge, huge help to me!  Thank you! 

  • My students loved this story and the activity that went with it.  Merci mille fois.  

  • Very helpful!  My students enjoyed this activity. 

  • Even my adult students enjoyed it!

                 Le Passé Composé TPR Story in French


My students will love this story.

  • This was a great change of pace activity.

  • Cute activity, really easy to follow. Students enjoyed it.

  • I loved this story.  It is cute and easy enough for my students to work on with a sub, which was what I used it for! 

  • I loved this because I also LOVE snickers!

Le Passé Composé Irregulier TPR Story


  • Great story!  

  • Fun, the kids enjoyed the story and then writing their own version.  Merci.

  • Was a hit!

               TPR Stories for French One and Two

TPR Stories for French One and Two

Testimonial:  Great ideas!

               French Classroom Objects PowerPoint

French Classroom Objects PowerPoint


                  French Étre PowerPoint and TPR Story


  • This was a great activity to do with the students.  Merci 

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story.  I combined some of the slides together and added some questions.  I always overcomplicate my stories, so this one is clear and simple.   

  • I like how you use relatable images and stories for teens in your work.  Very engaging for my high school students!  Merci!

French Être TPR Story

French Classroom Objects Interactive Notebook & Google Drive Activites

French Classroom Objects Interactive Notebook Activities and Google Drive Activities

Testimonial:  Looking forward to using this with my students and their chrome books withn I do this unit.

French Les Comparatifs et Le Superlatif PowerPoint & Curriculum

French Comparatifs PowerPoint

Testimonial: Perfect for my students! Merci mille fois!

French Weather Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activity

French Weather Google Drive Activity

Testimonial: Looking forward to using this next week with my students!