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Spanish Resources for Students and Teachers

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Spanish Resources for Students and Teachers

Best Telenovela Ever!!!

One of the best telenovelas ever produced is “Corazón salvaje”.  My AP students love it!  They get so hooked they watch it at home even when school gets out.   Enjoy!  You’ll get hooked, too!  It is hard to find, though, because it is so old.

Ferdinando:  Too-cute Cortometraje.  

Too-cute cortometraje.  Students love it and it is a good auditory exercise.  It also uses the imperfect subjunctive.

Ferdinando: Too-cute  Cortometraje

Diez minutos: Cortometraje.  

This short video keeps the students on the edge of their seats while teaching them telephone vocabulary.  It has some “palabrotas” so I send a note home to parents asking for their permission to show it.  All parents have agreed.  There is also a version with English sub-titles.

Diez-minutos- Cortometraje.  GREAT video for AP Spanish

Five Apps for Reading in Spanish

Reading in Spanish with five fun Apps.  Apps for iPad and iPhone that use audio, syllable games, images, and stories to iimprove Spanish reading skills.  The stories are more suitable for children but the level of difficulty is high enough to help high-schoolers improve their fluency.

Cartoons and Funny Things in Spanish

Chistes, cartoons, memes in Spanish Pinterest Board

I use these cartoons, jokes, and funny visuals as attention-getters.  Most tie in with a specific grammar concept.  Some are just funny.  OK, there should be an accent on “qué”.

Cuentos, TPR Stories

Videos, puppet shows, written TPR Stories, PowerPoint TPR Stories for specific grammar concepts.  Wonderful!

Cuentos, TPR Stories Pinterest Board

Current Telenovelas



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