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Spanish Three and Four

Spanish Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year


  • Absolutely amazing, brilliant work.  I have already used this several times iin my room with my Exprésate 3 book.  I have used some notes for my Spanish Four classroom as well as review.  Thank you so much!

  • I recently purchased this and LOVE what I have used so far.  The lesson plans are easy to follow and everything you need for it is easily organized in a folder for that day.  The lessons are challenging and fun.  My students have loved the interactive PowerPoints as well.  The best part is I finally have hope that as a newer teacher I won’t always have to spend all my evenings prepping forever.  I see much potential for time savings and increased learning ahead.  Thank you Angie!  

  • I am so excited to have all three years to use!  What a huge help this is!

  • The quality of the plans is great and I look forward to integrating TPRS more into my lesson.  Thanks so much! 

Spanish Three Power Points and Curriculum for an Entire Year


  • Angie, I love it.  Thank you.  Fantastic bundle!!! 

PowerPoint on How to Write and Essay for Spanish Four and AP


  • Angie, yours are the best.

  • Excellent ideas. 

How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP Activities


  • Fabulous! Excellent work!

  • Clear, direct, helpful and practical.  Thank you.

  • Wow!  Just what I needed! 

PowerPoint and Activities How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP

YouTube Explanation

Accents in Spanish PowerPoint


  • Love this!  Very Thorough!  It’ll be a great way for my students to learn about accent marks!

  • This is awesome! 

  • Great for heritage speakers.

  • Great graphics and resource!

  • Great resource with a lot of helpful examples.  

  • Great resource for both native and non-native speakers.

  • Super time saver and helpful to my native speakers.

Spanish Accents Lesson Plans and Curriculum


  • Wonderfully thorough!

  • Super well-done. I’m learning as I read all the material.

Would you like your Native and Heritage speakers to master the placement of orthographic and diacritic accents? These lesson plans and Spanish Accent Power Points teach "las reglas de la acentuación" and provide the necessary practice for your students to write the accents correctly.

The Spanish Accents Lesson Plans and Curriculum include the following:
~297 PowerPoint Slides      ~151-slide Accents PowerPoint   ~47 Word documents

Nine 90-minute lesson plans or 13.5 60-minute lesson plans


The attention getters were so funny.  One class loved the, another class was slightly offended by them.  However, I got all the information that I needed.  Thanks.  

Spanish Progressive Tenses or Gerund PowerPoint

Spanish Object Pronouns Powerpoint


  • This was very helpful, graciasTestimonial:  Great!  Good slide presentation.  Lots of information here.  I used it over two days.

Spanish Powerpoint on Reflexive Verbs


  • Producto de muy buena calidad. Gracias.

  • A+

  • Very, very helpful!

Spanish Subjunctive PowerPoint


  • Wow - what an awesome resource!  I especially love the pictures that you took to show emotion, etc.  Great job and thank you! 

  • Covers everything my class studies about the subjunctive and more.

  • Loved the thoroughness.  

  • An extremely thorough resource.  I don’t think I need any other teaching items for this topic after Angie’s PowerPoint! 

  • So useful… inspired me.

  • Thorough,clear, and attention-grabbing.  I love your PPTs and my students do too.  Thanks for this great product!  

Spanish: Uses of Se from Reflexive to Non-Intentional PowerPoint


  • Great slides. This will be very helpful for teaching impersonal se.

  • Excellent power point and worth the money.  It covers everything.  It helped me a lot.  I recommend it to everyone. 

  • Great explanations of various uses

  • I didn’t feel that our textbook covered this very well and this was just what I needed!  

  • Great slides that the students enjoyed.  Fun and clear!  

Stem-Changing Verbs for Spanish Three PowerPoint


  • Fun, fun way to practice / introduce boot verbs.

  • Good explanations, examples, and exercises.
  • Excellent!  What a time saver!  And the PowerPoint is very attractive, interactive, and packed with information!

Spanish Double-Object Pronoun TPR Story PowerPoint


  • Used it with 2nd year and really got the grammar message across to students .

  • Testimonial:  We just so happened to have a huge bear in the classroom so students were also able to act out the scenes after having viewed the presentation.  Thank you.  It was great fun especially for Valentine's Day!!

  • Testimonial:  Clear presentation for what could ba a confusing concept. 

  • Testimonial:  Really fun, comprehensible, and engaging!  ¡Gracias!  

  • Testimonial:  My kids loved it and said it helped clarify this very difficult concept.  ¡Muchas gracias! 

Spanish Hace que, Desde Cuándo Expressions of Time


  • Very fun story!  I loved that I could eti things to my needs.  Wonderful purchase! 

  • Testimonial: The kids loved the story!

  • Testimonial: Very  complete and full explanation of this topic.  It really contains everything related to these expressions. 

Spanish Subjunctive TPR Story PowerPoint


  • Very clear and detailed.  Loved the story and my students will too.  ¡¡¡¡Gracias!!!!

Spanish Subjunctive- Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story


  • Great story - easy to incorporate into my class!
  • Testimonial:  Very true!  High school students will enoy this!  What not to do during an interview. 

  • Testimonial: I love your TPRS stories!  This is exactly the sort of input that gets my students’ attention and gives them the repetition they need.  Wonderful product, as usual!  

Spanish Por y Para PowerPoint


  • Good tool to clearly explain por vs. para.

  • Just used this on Friday and the kids really liked it.  Your products are always so thorough!

  • Thank you for yet another great product!  I always look forward to purchasing your products due to the high quality I know I will receive.

Spanish Subjunctive No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum


  • Wow!  So much is included in this bundle!  Thanks :) 

  • This was a lifesaver for teaching the subjunctive!

  • Fantastic aid for teaching the subjunctive!

  • Tons of resources—well worth the cost!

  • Awesome!

Spanish Perfect, Imperfect, and Pluperfect Subjunctive PowerPoint


  • Well done!

  • Always great resources!  

  • Love this resource.  So helpful with my AP students’ review.

Spanish Present, Perfect, Imperfect, and Pluperfect Subjunctive PowerPoints


  • Super helpful and I know it will be used for many years to come! 

  • Very well done!

Los pronombres relativos for AP Spanish

In order for students to write proficiently, they need to master the relative pronouns.  That’s why I created this 78-slide Power Point on Spanish Relative Pronouns.


  •  Amazing powerpoint.  Very, very thorough with tons of examples.  I have purchased so many of your products and love them all.  
    Muchísimas gracias, Angie!!!

  • Fantastic resource!  
  • Really well done 

  • Very thorough, gracias!  

Spanish Preterite Power Points and Curriculum Bundle 

Spanish Preterite Imperfect No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum


  •  Excellent resource!  Just what I needed!

Spanish Preterite Imperfect Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activity


  • I  loved all the multiple exampels for practice.  Great PowerPoint, very thorough.  Thanks! 

  • Excellent!!!

Spanish Preterite Imperfect Foldable Interactive Notebook Activities


  • I can’t wait to use this!

Las tradiciones navideñas Listening Activities for Spanish Three - AP


  • Nice listening activity for IV

Ser Estar PowerPoint, Printables and Interactive Notebook Activity

Ser Estar PowerPoint and Activities


  • Great resource!  Thank you!

  • I used this presentation for my Spanish 2 Class and they found it pretty useful and funny!  I just loved it!!

  • Great resource for a difficult concept. ¡Gracias!

Spanish Ser vs. Estar No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum


  • This was super helpful!  Thank you!

Spanish Three Bell Ringers for an Entire Year


  • A great lead-in and follow-up on lessons

  • This is a good resource for my Spanish 3 students!  

  • Great resource and a fun way to begin…and even end classes!

Spanish Three Videos for Comprehensible Input

Spanish Three Videos1

Spanish Present Tense No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Present tense pin


  • Excellent!  Thanks!